4 Reasons Why Gamification in the Contact Center Works

Customer satisfaction is about much more than the products or services the customer receives – it’s about how they interact with customer support even when situations are challenging or frustrating. In order to continue pleasing customers, agents have to stay motivated, which isn’t always easy. With gamification, contact centers have found fun, unique ways to keep morale (and performance) high.

What is gamification? It’s a workplace strategy that uses game and play activities to motivate employees and to measure their progress. Here’s why it works:

  1. Training is more fun and interesting.

Training can be a slog and it can also be intimidating. With gamification for training purposes, new hires can feel like they’ve already been put to work – challenge them to learn a new technology quickly or to revise current customer support techniques. If agents see they’re productive and valuable right from the beginning, they’ll be more motivated once they start their job for real. Presenting training in a gamified way can also keep their attention more than something like a lackluster training video might. Gamification can also help employees retain the knowledge better.

  1. Employees compete with one another in a healthy, productive way.

Gamification relies on healthy competition to get agents working harder and smarter. Incentives like bonuses and rewards motivate agents and also force them to pay attention to how other agents are doing their job, which helps them learn from one another. In order to not favor certain employees over others, management can continually mix up the goals so that every employee has a chance to shine.

  1. Management can assess agents at their best.

When gamification works, agents are motivated to work as efficiently and productively as possible, which then provides important data for management to assess. Seeing an employee’s results when they’re performing to the highest of their ability can uncover weaknesses or strengths and give management an honest view of what to expect. For example, it may show management that a certain agent is simply not right for the job even when doing their best or it can uncover advanced skills you didn’t know an agent has.

A happy workforce is a productive one, and gamification introduces everything from training to improved performance in an appealing way. Gamification methods can help you get the most out of the investment you made in your agents.


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