3 Useful Ideas for Contact Center Workforce Management (WFM)

Agents are the ones on the front line of your contact center and they hold a lot of your business’ success in their hands. Agents are costly, too – according to Tenfold, they can account for up to 70% of a contact center’s expenses. Here are three ways enhancements in WFM can make the contact center more efficient (and socially conscious).

  1. Spot and handle employee problems as soon as possible.

Intelligent business tools can give a bird’s eye view of your contact center, showing management when there may be a slowing down in performance by an agent. Management can then decide how to tackle a problem, like by finding out if there are any issues that are affecting the agent or giving them new goals to strive for to boost performance. It’s not always easy for management to know when morale is flagging, so knowing when their performance starts to dip is a good indicator that something may need your attention.

  1. Make in-the-moment decisions thanks to real-time data.

With real-time monitoring of agents and content needs, management can pinpoint chunks of free time that can be better used for other tasks, like training or complex customer service issues. Also, by seeing fluctuations in demand, management can find out if any agents are interested in voluntary overtime or time off, and those schedule changes can be made on the spot. Ultimately, any time data is viewed in real-time, changes to the workforce can be immediately made to mix up staffing or pull agents for special projects or training.

  1. Use statistics to adhere to affirmative action guidelines.

Socially responsible contact centers have to make sure that they’re following affirmative action guidelines. The more employees you have, the harder it is to stay on top of these demographics, though. WFM tools can gather diversity metrics to give you realistic data about your workforce in terms of age, disabilities, gender and race, highlighting gaps you didn’t know where there. You can use this information to guide future hiring if you feel that your contact center could be more diverse.

In Conclusion

Even contact centers who are their most efficient today have to keep an eye on cost pressures. WFM tools let contact centers reduce the number of agents while using the ones they do have in a way that focuses on their strengths.

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