The Advantages of Voice Biometrics

Biometrics consists of automated methods of recognizing a person based on measurable physiological, anatomical and behavioral characteristics.  A new white paper from Angel, discusses the advantages of voice biometrics, the technology behind voice verification,  over other forms of  biometrics:

• Voice biometrics requires only existing phone systems and technology. No special hardware or software is needed. The environment (a telephone) for using the technology is already familiar to users, is culturally non-invasive, and is therefore generally seen as non-contentious.

• Voice biometrics works with any telephone, any telephony system, from anywhere in the world, which promotes mobility.

• A speaker’s voice is always with them, there is nothing to carry or remember, and it cannot be stolen (like a PIN or password).

• No training is needed to use a voice biometric system – speaking is a natural activity.

• By leveraging existing telephony and security infrastructure, voice biometric systems are cost-effective.

• Voice biometric systems can be used with existing authentication methods to provide high-security multi-factor user-authentication. When used with speech recognition, voice biometric systems can also be used to gather additional information such as a PIN; user-acknowledgement of prompted questions and so on, if required.

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