4 Contact Center Trends for 2019

As we move into 2019, one-time contact center fads are now becoming necessary technologies and solutions. In the past, things like video how-to guides and futuristic voice detection were interesting add-ons to the traditional contact center. Today, they’re necessities, and the contact centers that don’t add at least some of them to the mix risk falling behind. Here are four technologies to consider using in your contact center

Enhance your knowledgebase with different types of media.

Text-only answers to FAQ are just one type of solution you should be providing in your knowledgebase. Not everyone learns best by reading alone, which can cause customers to contact a live agent even if the answer they need is right there in your FAQ section. To truly help any and all customers troubleshoot their problems, enhance your knowledgebase with advanced how-to articles and tutorials, plus animation, infographics, videos and any other format they’ll find useful.

Use AI to create a more personalized experience.

AI can be used to create a more personal customer experience in a way that lets the customer interact more humanly with technology. Face and fingerprint recognition can be used to place orders, or voice detection can be used to more naturally talk to chatbots. With advanced AI, though, comes more risk, which is why contact centers may have to improve their security as they employ AI technology.

Optimize the live chat window for mobile.

Even if live chat is available via the mobile website, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s optimized for mobile ­– for example, it could still take up just a portion of the web page, making it super tiny on a mobile screen. A mobile-optimized live chat page will take up the entire screen to maximize text and it will have a minimalist design to streamline the conversation. Push notifications are another must-have so that the customer doesn’t have to stare at the window until they receive a response.

Give VIPs a separate phone number to call.

When your VIP customers need to contact an agent, you want to make sure they can reach someone and have their problem solved right away. Give them a separate phone number or extension to call. They’ll get premium service and they’ll be quickly connected to your most experienced agents. Even complicated or specific issues can be solved without routing them to different departments or agents.


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