4 Unexpected Benefits of Cloud Contact Centers

For contact centers that haven’t yet adopted cloud software, consider this: the cloud offers everything your traditional software offers, plus these four little-known perks.

1. Scaling down – not just up – is possible.

Contact centers go through changes all the time, whether only temporary, like for the holidays, or more permanent. When needs change, software needs change as well. When a contact center quickly grows, cloud software is able to keep up with the increasing demand. On the same note, cloud software is also able to scale down with the contact center as fewer IT resources are required (like following a heavy shopping season, for example). Either way, your IT department won’t have to start from scratch with complementary software – cloud software will simply adapt to whatever you need, whenever you need it.

2. Business continuity will be protected.

Should some sort of disaster occur, a contact center that relies on traditional software could find it impossible to connect with customers. With cloud software, though, even if the brick-and-mortar contact center is unusable, agents will still be able to contact customers. Not only can information be accessed from management off-site, but cloud software makes it easy to arrange for agents to work remotely.

3. Subscription fees are a way to pay.

When a contact center purchases traditional, out-of-the-box software, it comes with a hefty upfront price. Luckily, this type of large initial investment is a thing of the past with cloud software. Thanks to cloud subscriptions, you’ll know what your low fee will be month after month.

4. Upgrades are hassle-free.

If your contact center buys traditional software and then it gets an upgrade, your IT department will have to install the upgrade themselves. With cloud software, though, the application is always owned by the software provider, even though you’re allowed to use it. This means that whenever cloud software is upgraded, you’ll have immediate access to it, no IT installation required. The provider will automatically update the software whenever a new version comes out, and you’ll access that new version the very next time you log on.

Though cloud software may not be a perfect fit for every business out there, many contact centers find that making the switch eases a number of processes. With providers continually creating new cloud software models, you’re bound to find one that suits your contact center.


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