The Omni-Channel Self-Service Journey

Contact center management knows that success is based on customer satisfaction. The omni-channel contact center was designed to improve the customer experience by unifying multi-channel platforms to offer a seamless experience at any time and on any channel. As more contact centers adopt the omni-channel approach, they’re figuring out ways to make it part of customer self-service.

Omni-channel self-service means that service channels are not separated into silos; instead, they’re synced in order to support the customer’s entire journey, no matter what path they take. Here’s an example of a self-service journey a customer may take:

• You’re ready to shop for a new smartphone. On your current smartphone, you log into your cell phone provider’s app and start browsing their selection. You choose a few phones to take a closer look at.

• Later that evening, you want to continue phone shopping, but this time you login to your account on your desktop. The phones you looked at on your app show up at the top of your screen in case you want to check them out again.

• You want to learn more about one of the phones, so you click on an explainer video that guides you through the phone’s different features.

• You order the phone online, but then realize that you may have been able to save money. You submit a support ticket and ask for a live phone call back.

• The next morning, you get a call from a rep for the cell phone provider and they immediately start talking about the phone you recently purchased and your options for getting a credit on your first bill, no need to provide any extra information.

• Once the phone call has ended, you immediately receive an email with a recap of everything you discussed, the credit you can expect to see on your bill, and helpful links to learn more about your new phone.

Omni-channel service aims to meet the customer wherever and whenever they need help. The best part about having an omni-channel strategy now is that your contact center will be able to scale as new communication channels are introduced down the road. New communication platforms are quickly becoming available, like live video, wearables and virtual reality tools. With both cloud technology and an omni-channel approach, your contact center will find it easy to integrate a new channel as soon as it becomes available.


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