Gaining new customers is great. Turning them into loyal customers, though, is the ultimate goal. Customer loyalty requires more than basic customer satisfaction. Regularly delivering a gratifying customer experience is what ultimately creates loyalty. Here are three clever ways for the contact center to build dependable customer relationships.

  1. Reward Current Brand Ambassadors

There are plenty of brands out there that strive to attract new brand ambassadors to their program. What about all of those customers who are already acting as brand ambassadors without you even realizing it, though? Instead of attracting customers to the program, bring the program to them. Use social media listening tools to find out who’s talking about your brand, product or service. Reach out to those people to offer them incentives, like discounts, free swag or membership in a referral or loyalty program.

  1. Celebrate Customer Birthdays

Instead of simply asking for a customer’s first name and email address when they sign-up for your online portal or mailing list, have them also enter their birthday month and day. When their special day rolls around, send them something fun, celebratory and useful, like a colorful e-card with free shipping or a promo code inside. Not only will you commemorate the day, but you’ll also increase the opportunity to make a sale by giving them an offer they can act on right away.

  1. Offer a True Omni-Channel Experience

The omni-channel customer experience is becoming a necessity, but that doesn’t mean that every company out there is handling it seamlessly. Some brands claim to embrace omni-channel support, but when the customer needs to switch from one contact method to another, they’re stuck having to explain their situation from the beginning. Other companies have truly nailed down the omni-channel approach, though. Best Buy is a great example of a company that appeals to customers on their preferred platform. In-store and online operations are merged, allowing customers to shop and purchase online, then pick up their order in their nearby store.

Some brands find that creating customer loyalty comes easy. Others have to be more proactive to build customer relationships. Once you’ve given customers the basis of an excellent product or service, it’s time to nurture the relationship. Bonding with each customer and show them the many benefits to returning to your brand over and over.

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