Speech Analytics: Monitoring Both Sides of the Conversation

Contact center speech analytics help managers identify specific and recurring customer behavior; find a solution to core issues; and create new best practices to improve and streamline operations. Speech analytics also evaluate the emotional aspects of a conversation. This can determine whether or not customers are actually satisfied by the end of a call or if they’re likely to call back with more complaints. Additionally, both first call resolution and average handling time can be improved thanks to speech analytics, which helps limit the amount of communication the contact center receives during peak hours.

Monitoring Contact Center Agents with Speech Analytics

Discovering what agents are saying to customers can produce immediate and actionable insight. Establishing performance benchmarks, coaching or training agents, and then tracking their behavior can reveal a number of things, including:

  • Quality of the agent training system
  • Degree of script and industry regulation adherence
  • Willingness and ability of agents to improve performance
  • Tasks that each agent is doing particularly well or poorly
  • Underperforming agents who need attention
  • Best practices to incorporate into coaching or training
  • Opportunities for capitalizing on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Operational enhancements that are needed
  • Communication styles that need to be changed

Monitoring Customers with Speech Analytics

On the other side, monitoring the customer’s part of the conversation can provide value as well. Caller intent is what frames every call; identifying the specific desires of customers will have positive outcomes. Gathering and analyzing customer interaction data can do the following:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of voice of the customer
  • Identify the recurring problems that are causing complaints
  • Pinpoint quality gaps in products and services, internal processes, and interactions
  • Help agents to better recognize threats as well as opportunities
  • Allow managers to determine if agents are responding the right way to triggers
  • Create new strategies for satisfying unhappy customers
  • Write more effective agent scripts to better serve customers
  • Find ways to increase brand loyalty
  • Prevent minor issues from growing into major problems
  • Stay current with customer trends
  • Identify responses from specific demographics to influence marketing strategies

Organizations depend on contact centers to provide customers with satisfying and rewarding interactions. If agent-customer synergy isn’t present, these organizations will look to take their business to another contact center. With speech analytics, contact centers can eliminate a number of operational and performance problems. When this type of information is gathered, you’ll be in a better position to take advantage of predictable customer behavior.

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