Enhancing the Customer Experience

An Introduction to SMS for CRM

Real-time communication is quickly gaining steam as the number one CRM and marketing trend for 2016. Brands are constantly on the lookout for a faster, smarter way of communicating with their audience, understanding that valuable opportunities pass in a split second. Today, customers are happy to engage with businesses via SMS instead of other modes of communication, giving brands the chance to start an effective and measurable two-way conversation.

5 Ways Contact Centers Use Text Messaging

There are an abundance of ways to communicate with customers via text messaging. Note that content has to be personalized and relevant to the recipient. Smart SMS campaigns take into account the location, needs and interests of the recipient. For example, sending a location-based offer to a customer in a different city will lead to an unsubscribe request. The following are five common applications of SMS notifications for CRM:

1. Let a customer know that their delivery is on its way.

2. Tell customers about current promotions in between monthly newsletters.

3. Offer a discount to customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while.

4. Tell customers about a new product launch.

5. Send a reminder about an upcoming service appointment.

Managing Two-Way SMS

With two-way text messaging, communication is better able to nurture customer-brand relationships. When a customer replies to a text message, it’s important to solve their problem or answer their question quickly and effectively. Delayed replies will decrease customer satisfaction. Instead of tasking everyone at your contact center with the responsibility of responding to texts, Clickatell suggests assigning the task to an individual or a small team of people. While technology and automation can monitor and reply to standard messages, such as billing date or amount due requests, personalized responses are required for more complex questions.

Measuring the Impact of SMS

According to MobileSQUARED, 90% of SMS recipients are likely to read messages within three minutes of receiving them. SMS messaging is fairly straightforward to measure, allowing contact centers analyze exact numbers, such as:

• The number of people that received the text message.

• The number of recipients that responded to the message.

• The number of people that unsubscribed after receiving the last message.

Thanks to clear analytics, contact centers can easily determine what’s working, what isn’t and where changes need to be made regarding their SMS strategy.

To explore this topic further, join our virtual conference “Shaping the Journey of the Connected Customer: Best Practices in Customer Engagement” which will be held from March 21st through the 24th.

– See more at: http://blog.crmxchange.com/blog/enhancing-the-customer-experience/an-introduction-to-sms-for-crm#sthash.e1Vp6McF.dpuf

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