WebRTC in the Contact Center

WebRTC in the Contact Center

What is WebRTC? — 4 Ways it Will Change the Contact 


What is WebRTC? Why does it matter? And what will its impact be as it relates to customer interactions and the overall call center industry? Join us for this webinar as we define WebRTC and explore its potential effect on contact centers.Read more …

How WebRTC will transform the contact center – Spoken


Whenever we reach out to a contact center, we generally want our problems addressed as quickly as possible. With WebRTC, the opportunity opens up for an agent to see exactly what customers is seeing on their browsers. . Read more …

WebRTC and the Contact Center of the Future – Post – No Jitter

http://www.nojitter.com WebRTC changes things by providing a low-cost and practical transportation mechanism to send contact center media streams through the Web. Read more …

NICE Systems’ Yohay Etsion Sees WebRTC As A Potential

http://www.customerexperiencereport.com Wed, 02 Sep 2015 19:10:52 -0700

This was known as WebRTC. WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) is a potentially revolutionary new set of (still being defined) standards, that can potentially evolve the contact center, and broader telecommunications …Read more …

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