4 Omnichannel Experience Considerations

The modern customer experience is about omnichannel, which is more than simply having a presence on multiple channels. The omnichannel experience ensures that all channels work together seamlessly. Customers think of a brand’s support channels as a whole and they should function the same way.

1. Are you offering the support channels that your customers want? According to CustomerThink.com, the average American is highly active on text messaging and Twitter, so most businesses will want those channels as part of their experience. Ultimately, it’s more important to offer the channels your customers are using than to offer every single channel available.

2. Is customer data synced and stored in one primary location? Even though customer data will be collected across a variety of departments, it should be stored centrally, like in the cloud. Regardless of the channel the customer uses or the support department they reach, every contact center agent should have access to the same up-to-date information.

3. Are the various channels integrated? Customers need to be able to switch channels while still being recognized as the same customer and at the current step in the process. Channel integration also allows customers to switch channels in order to get the best service possible, like when switching from text to voice if an issue is more in-depth than expected.

4. Do you offer customers automated self-service? Automation can give the customer an immediate answer without requiring a live agent. The experience is often faster for the customer and less costly for the contact center. By analyzing past customer contact, automation technology can even offer personalized service to the customer.

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