Workforce Optimization and Scheduling Tips for the Contact Center

Workforce optimization in the contact center refers to the integrated software, technology and solutions that help with a variety of operations, including strategic planning, agent recruitment and monitoring. Scheduling plays a big role in customer satisfaction, and agent schedules are based on demand forecasting and service level goals. Workforce optimization also takes more into account than just technology.

Ask the following questions to determine if your workforce management software needs to be upgraded.

1. Do we know why we’re not meeting our service level goals and how many agents are needed to meet our service level commitment?

2. When service level needs to be improved, is our standard response to hire more agents?

3. Do we know if our agents are adhering to their schedules?

4. Do our agents know their schedules far enough in advance? Are they having difficulty planning important events because they never know when they’ll be needed at work?

5. Do we constantly reconfigure agent schedules? Are supervisors and managers spending too much time on schedule changes?

6. Do temporary changes like marketing promotions throw us off schedule?

7. Are a lot of agents idle during low call volume times?

8. Is it difficult to decide the days and times that are best for training agents? Do we end up training agents on the fly?

5 More Workforce  Tips

1. Test out a new candidate before officially hiring them. Temp agencies will place employees at your contact center for a limited amount of time. After that time period, you can opt to hire the employee or ask for a new one in their place.

2. When you do decide to permanently hire a temp, make sure they know how the job will change now that they’re a bonafide employee. Have them shadow other agents for a week so that they know what to expect.

3. Keep seasonal staff in the loop during the off-season by inviting them to company parties and copying them on important e-mails.

4. Automate repetitive tasks so that your agents can devote more time to high priority tasks. Reporting and forecasting, for example, can be automated with the right workforce management software.

5. Invest in your contact center agents by offering regular and ongoing training. Proper training is necessary if you want your agents to provide a positive customer experience.

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