Benefits of Speech Analytics for Contact Centers

Analytics software lets companies get unstructured data following customer interactions. This is one of the best ways to gain insight about the customer. The software also leads to a better customer experience as well as gives the brand more of a competitive advantage. Contact center management can understand what their customers are thinking and find out how well their agents are performing.

Improving the Customer Experience

Software will mine and analyze audio data to detect emotion and stress in the customer’s voice, the primary reason for the call and any products that were mentioned. This is a quick way to identify the needs of the customer, as well as their expectations and wants. In turn, the contact center can work to meet these needs.

Improving Quality of Service

Contact center managers can use the software to monitor how well their agents are responding to customers. The software is also great for coaching agents, limiting call volume and improving first call resolution. If any operational or performance issues occur, they can be tracked and managed. Additionally, by tracking adherence to scripts, management can ensure that guidelines are being met. As company regulations become more complicated, managers often implement mandatory scripts for contact center agents to use. This helps to streamline the customer experience. Scripts can be simple or complicated, depending on how many products or services there are to offer. They don’t override a natural conversation, either. Instead, they lay out the beginning and end of the call, as well as how to set appointments and which up-sell questions to ask. When keywords and phrases are used in a script, the call is easier to monitor.

Identifying Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Speech analytics software is able to identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling, which leads to more sales conversions. The software identifies which offers impacted a customer’s decisions and satisfaction level. It also measures the demographics that respond to the offers. Speech analytics can be used to create personalized up- and cross-sell opportunities that meet the needs of specific customers, and it’s also used to track how effective a marketing campaign is.

Maintaining a Customer Base

Speech analytics software lets brands identify why their customers are leaving. In turn, the company can make necessary changes to keep their customers from going to a competitor. Plus, since speech analytics software improves the customer experience, there’s less reason for them to leave in the first place.

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