7 Benefits of Using and IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), are used for a multitude of services, including remote banking, survey and poll taking, call routing and forwarding, order transactions, marketing and information lookup. The system can accept and understand a variety of voice and button input selections. IVR systems have pre-recorded responses for multiple situations, access to data and voice recording abilities. Contact centers benefit in the following ways when using IVR.

1. Empowered Customers

Self-service options often lead to a great customer experience. With IVR, callers can conveniently access the information they need during an efficient and quick phone call. Businesses can give customers the information they need, as soon as they need it. Additionally, customers can decide whether they want to continue with self-service or speak to a live agent.

2. Increased Contact Center Efficiency

Live telephone conversations account for a high number of contact center interactions. IVRs may help decrease the amount of time that live agents spend on the phone due to up front personalized  options offered to customers.

3. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Smart IVR menus allow businesses to target specific customer. By taking into account customer information and buying behavior, tailored offers can be given to customers who are more apt to take advantage of them.

4. Automated Outbound Processes

With outbound IVR solutions, businesses can send their customers appointment reminders, account activation information, shipment notifications, reorder and refill information, surveys and general company announcements.

5. Hosting Options

IVR software may have both hosted an on-site options. With hosted software, the system is in the cloud, and maintenance and management is generally the responsibility of the vendor. Alternatively, on-site IVR systems are able to integrate with an existing phone system.

6. Additional Support for Customers

Not every customer is adept at using IVR systems. Often, software features include automatic forwarding to a live agent if the caller doesn’t respond to prompts. Instructions can also be repeated multiple times if the caller needs extra time or reminders when making a selection. Additionally, some software has multilingual options.

7. Internal Services

Some IVR software also comes with benefits for contact center agents and managers. With automated menus, employees can enroll in benefits programs and get work assignments, while management can access time and attendance reports and schedule shifts.

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