Improving Customer Experience with Self-Service Options

Self-service options give customers the chance to fulfill their needs through their preferred channel. According to, 60% of customers will change their contact channel based on what they’re doing and where they are. Consumers who would normally call for help may opt for self-service troubleshooting if they’re watching TV or at work, for example. Thanks to location features, language can be adjusted to suit the user’s geographical area, making self-service solutions even more user-friendly.

Benefits to the Contact Center

While self-service is more experience-focused than cost-focused, it still reduces contact center costs and can even help meet financial objectives. Providing customers with self-service solutions gives the brand a competitive edge. Promotional materials can be shown to the customer while they’re searching for information. Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities are optimized. Also, while customers are finding solutions on their own, agents can field high-priority calls.

Self-Service Solutions

1. Community-Shared Information

Customers can see what others are saying and help each other. Apple is known for providing forums for its customers. While paying for Apple support is still an option, a lot of answers can be found in the community forums, even for in-depth issues. This helps customers troubleshoot on their own, without paying any money and without requiring a support agent.

2. Support Ticket Access

The customer can find out the status of their support issue by providing customer information and a ticket number. They can check up on their issue at any time of the day or night.

3. External Knowledge Database

A database of knowledge can product information, FAQs, and manuals. American Express does this by letting customers login to see their personal and account information, as well as tips and strategies for growing a startup.

4. Guided Tours

Tip balloons can walk people through a series of steps. Apps often use this to show new users how to use the app. Icons can be added to the website to direct visitors to use the walk-through guide, and the directions can also be embedded in social media posts, e-mails, and chat sessions. With auto-play features, the guides can start automatically when certain criteria is met. For example, if someone is visiting the website for the first time, they’ll immediately be shown a guided tour.

5. IVR Self-Service

Interactive Voice Response direct callers and capture information used to route calls and present data to agents. A well-scripted IVR) system can provide benefits to customers by offering services, 24/7.  It can also can help to handle high call volumes and enable customers to handle their own simple operations over the phone.

6. Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents empower customers through their journey by simplifying the process of delivering information across multiple interaction channels. Virtual agent technology can be used on an organization’s website, social media presence or mobile platforms.

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