7 Questions to Ask Yourself About Touchpoint Effectiveness

After you’ve mapped the customer journey, look closely at each touchpoint. Mastering each touchpoint makes a brand a great competitor while improving customer loyalty and enthusiasm. Ask the following questions to make sure you’re being as efficient as possible.

1. What specifics are occurring at each touchpoint? What are both the brand and the customer doing at each touchpoint?

2. Are the touchpoints addressing the customer’s needs and concerns? Are questions being answered?

3. Are the touchpoints working together for the brand’s target audience, including novices, experts and everyone in between?

4. Are there needs that aren’t being met by your brand or by your competitors? Is this a gap that your business is able to fill?

5. Is the same branding being used across all touchpoints? This includes tone, message, buzz words, and voice.

6. Are there problems with flow from one touchpoint to the next? Is this causing the brand to lose customers or is it causing dissatisfaction, such as product returns or extra help line calls?

7. Are your brand’s touchpoints different or better than those of your competitors?

Attend the ‘Shaping the Journey of the Connected Customer’ Virtual Conference March 16 – 19 to help you answer these questions.

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