Contact Center Software Features to Improve the Customer Experience

Contact center software should offer features that enrich the customer experience.  The following features should be considered.

Callback or Voicemail from Queue

Instead of waiting for the next available agent, many customers are happy with opting to have an agent call them back when it would normally be their turn in the queue. Once a caller is placed in the queue, they are given an option to continue waiting or to be called by an agent. If the caller also wants to leave a message for a particular agent or department, they can do that as well.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Self-Service Options

The customer experience begins before the customer is even connected to an agent. With IVR, callers are routed to the agent that they need to talk to regarding their specific inquiry. IVR helps improve first call resolution and increases customer satisfaction. Sometimes, a customer doesn’t need an agent at all, but can instead solve their problem with self-service IVR. Hours of operation, directions, and even basic account changes can often be handled electronically.

Warm Transfer and Call Conferencing

Ending all transfers would be great, but it isn’t realistic. Even when IVR does its job and connects the caller to the right agent, the caller may have a second issue that needs to be addressed by another agent. When a transfer is necessary, the warm transfer is the best option. Agent #1 speaks with agent #2 about the caller’s inquiry, which means the customer doesn’t have to repeat themselves. Or, instead of transferring the caller, the second agent can be conferenced in.

VIP Routing and Dedicated Phone Numbers

High value customers are important to a brand. By tagging a customer as a VIP, they can skip the waiting queue and be immediately connected to an agent. It helps to also assign a VIP tag to the contact center’s best agents so that the inquiry is handled as flawlessly as possible. Additionally, VIP customers can be given direct phone numbers to their “personal” agent. When it’s not possible for an agent to answer a VIP call, the customer can leave a voicemail for a specific agent or team.

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