5 Tips for Gathering Helpful Customer Feedback

Gathering and organizing customer data and feedback is crucial to making better business decisions. Below are five ways to get that vital information your business needs.

1. Determine What You Want to Know

Any time you survey consumers, you need to gather actionable data. This means being specific. “How did we do?” is too general a question and it most often does not result in anything useful to act on. Asking about specifics is better. “How did [specific feature] work for you?” is much better, especially if you can get the consumer to expand on their experience. Why did that feature work well? How did it neglect to impress? Then, repeat the same questions over time to find out how your business is progressing in terms of consumer needs.

2. Offer an Incentive

Value your customers’ time by giving them something in return if they fill out your survey. For example, you can offer a discount code or a small amount of money back if they take a few minutes to provide feedback.

3. Web Feedback Links.

This is a tactic that ESPN and American Express use to encourage customers to provide feedback — no matter where they are on the company website. The easier you make it for the consumer, the more likely it is that they’ll respond the way you would like them to.

4. In-Person Survey

For in-person interactions, like when a customer comes into your store, have a printed form that they can quickly fill out on the spot. Don’t only rely on verbal input, which is susceptible to not being remembered accurately. Since it’s not a reliable source of feedback, it shouldn’t be used as a business strategy.

5. When to Act on Feedback

Check the stats before embarking on a huge company overhaul. For example, if you find that multiple customers are reporting dissatisfaction with one area of your business, check the percentage of negative feedback before making any decisions. You could make a few small tweaks to fix that minor negative feedback without making any huge changes to your company. Sometimes several complaints on the same topic can seem like a lot, when in reality it’s a small percentage of your consumer base.

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