CRM and Business Planning

If you’ve recently implemented CRM technology, you may be excited about the customer relationship aspect of your brand new system. However, you may also be overlooking the management capabilities of this technology. Yes, CRM can help businesses gain sales insight, understand customer buying habits, manage contact with consumers and market to prospective customers. According to Destination CRM, it’s also a way to plan.

4 Areas of Business Planning That CRM Assists

1. Business Processes

2. Sales Management and Intelligence

3. Human Resources

4. Marketing

Business Processes

Your CRM system may be used for prepping a multi-million dollar proposal… you can capture the details of the deal and initiate financial department workflow. Staff members would be able to see budget numbers from the financial department and then determine if the project is worth pursuing further. Ultimately, your CRM system can become a cache for all master data, which is then integrated with other systems and departments. This means that everyone receives the same data across the entire enterprise and processes can be streamlined.

Sales Management and Intelligence

CRM systems are used for sales efforts, primarily managing opportunities and clients:

• Gathering information about the factors that result in wins and losses for projects

• Gaining insight into clients, competitors and the market, primarily when changes occur

• Planning for the year – or several years – in advance in order to meet revenue goals

Human Resources and FAQ

It’s common for different clients and customers to have the same questions. When an agent notices that they’re being asked the same questions over and over times, they can submit the questions to the appropriate department in order to add the inquiries to the FAQ list on the business’ website. This enables consumers to find solutions themselves before having to call and eliminate direct calls to the agents.


CRM systems can retain and update client information, track registration for events, compile market surveys and collect subscriptions to publications and newsletters. This makes it much less time consuming to plan future events and launch marketing campaigns. CRM can also help companies to communicate with their customers through social media and mobile channels by organizing information and being the springboard for these interactions.

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