7 Annoying Aspects of Social Media Customer Service

While some businesses have a natural flair for social media, others sink more than they swim. Here are 10 habits to avoid if you’re trying to attract customers instead of annoy them.

1. Constantly patting your own back doesn’t convey quality work – it conveys egomania and maybe even a touch of delusion. Saying that you have the best products on the market doesn’t go far online; showing it is a much better use of your time.

2. When a customer goes out of their way to mention you in a post, acknowledge it in some way (the best option is to share the post with your followers). The larger the organization, the more difficult it is to respond to every question and mention. That doesn’t mean to let them pass by, though, but instead it means to put more staff on social media monitoring.

3. When you add a call-to-action in your social media messaging, make sure it’s accompanied by how the customer can get in touch (e-mail address, phone number, live chat, etc.).

4. Auto-responses are easy to spot, but you have to rely on them somewhat when you’re replying to hundreds or even thousands of fans daily. Have your marketing team develop  a system. For example, you can send automatic messages to new followers and template answers to run-of-the-mill questions, but serious complaints can be handled personally.

5. Listening to your audience isn’t as easy as searching for a hashtag. In order to serve your clients, you have to really be tuned into what they’re saying. Quality connections beat a high quantity of connections, and the only way to get them is to involve yourself in real conversations.

6. Whether it’s fair or not, customers expect businesses – especially large-scale ones – to be perfect. Your team should be perfectionists when it comes to grammar, spelling and punctuation.

7. Response time needs to be quick. It would stand to reason that the larger the business, the longer the response time, but patrons expect just the opposite. The customer expects big businesses to be more on top of things than small businesses, which includes responding to customer problems quickly (ideally, in an hour or less).

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