7 Ways to Reduce Call Volumes with Self-Service

Customers do not like waiting long periods to reach a customer agent.

When larger corporations such as Verizon, Sprint, Kmart, Walmart and others place their customers on hold, the one hour and more wait times cause distress. Many customers are impatient and will not even wait for more than five minutes on the phone.

When this happens, there is a large risk of losing customers. Adding and encouraging your self-service portal can help reduce call volumes drastically. The more accessible you make your website, the more you reduce your call volume.

Gartner defines effective customer care as follows:

Customer support is reactive (i.e., it responds to customer requests or problems), as well as proactive (it anticipates the information customers need to make informed decisions and keep products and services performing to their expectations).       

A company can be proactive with an excellent self-service portal that anticipates the information your customer needs.

Using these seven tips, you are promised to get the most from your self-service portal and enhance the accessibility to it for customers.

#1 Make All Self-Service Functions Available

No matter what time of day it is, you should ensure your self-service is open to customers. Opening up the functionality of your self-service portal 24/7, customers can reach out to your website for answers and use your website accordingly. This prevents call volumes from acclimating too high.

#2 Provide Updated Information for Accuracy and Reliability

Your webpage should incorporate all the latest information on your company. When a self-service portal is opened, it does require daily maintenance to ensure the accuracy of your services and products.

Try to update the webpage once every few days to help increase the reliability of your website. Add in blogs and other informative details about the website or products to help give reliability to your products or services.

#3 Add an Interactive Aspect

When designing a webpage, keep in mind that it needs to be interactive as much as possible without causing excess clutter. Give your website a “human” touch to it and add in interactive systems such as personal chats with real agents and videos to liven up your website some and give it a touch of human personality.

#4 Complexity is a Self-Service Killer

Never try to clutter the service portal with too much information. If your portal needs to contain a lot of information, use an outline that helps navigate your customers through the website and access all necessary information. Speed and complexity are a combustible combination. Use technology to give your self-service the simplicity it needs.

#5 Add Guidance Tools

Gartner states the importance of staying up to date with useful customer support tools. “As much as organizations tout the importance of people and process over technology, it is not possible to deliver an engaging customer service experience without technology.” Sometimes customers get lost and they need guidance with your website and your services and products. Adding in guidance tools that help redirect the customer to the appropriate section and give them the information they desire.

#6 Be Proactive with Your Self-Service Portal
Customers need to feel your leadership, so staying proactive is necessary. Updating technologies and giving customers the top-notch customer service and friendliness is necessary.

#7 Make all Transactions Efficient
No transaction should require a person to go an extra mile just to get the product. Make the instructions easy and ensure processes only take a few minutes. Do not require your customers to go through extra steps just to complete a process.

Use These Tips Enhance Your Self-Service Portal!

Dealing with angry customers can be frustrating for your agents and it adds even more frustration to the customer. In order to subdue random rages, it will be vital that you keep these tips in mind and begin building your self-service portal to be independent for each customer. Minimizing call volumes and reducing customer complaints on wait times doesn’t have to be a task.

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