How to Eliminate Hold Time

Ask someone what they hate the most about call centers and their answer could very well be this: holding. Waiting on the phone wastes the caller’s valuable time! Other grievances could include navigating unclear, lengthy phone menus and having to constantly repeat information to agents. Many call centers have unnecessarily complicated practices, which takes a major toll on customer service. Varying communication options, like call-back technology and live chat, provides a better call center experience.

3 Stats to Remember

1. According to YouGov, 76% of consumers said that one poor experience with a call center would likely convince them to take their business somewhere else.

2. According to Zendesk, 35% of consumers stopped using a company after they had a bad customer experience.

3. According to, six out of 10 customers have stopped doing business with a company after poor customer service via the telephone.

Eliminating Hold Time: Solutions for Phone, Website and Mobile

Phone: Regardless of excellent websites and mobile apps, the phone is still a preferred communication channel for many consumers. Why? It seems to promise the fastest and most efficient way to solve a problem, especially for people who aren’t tech-savvy. Instead of having customers wait on the phone, installing call-back technology can eliminate hold time. If customers want to hold for the next available agent, they’ll still be given that option.

Website: Customers who prefer to contact a business through their website can get frustrated if the only contact information available is a phone number and e-mail address. By offering a more convenient way for your customer to contact you, customer service is improved and relay time is reduced. Creating an easy-to-use contact form or having a call-back option makes the process painless for the consumer.

Mobile: Today’s mobile devices are seldom used to make actual phone calls. Instead, they act as miniature computers, with consumers using them for pretty much everything you rely on your laptop for. Your business may have a mobile app, but if the only contact information available is a phone number, the consumer could get frustrated – if they wanted to call you, they probably wouldn’t be using the app! There are options for mobile support like support ticket submission, chat, and call-back options.


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