Jargon-busting the modern call centre

As technology develops, new words are entering the English language every day and it’s hard to keep up. There are approximately 1,000 new entries to Oxford Dictionaries Online every year – and a large proportion of these words are used to describe new technology or online behaviour.

It’s certainly no different in the modern call centre; with so much technology enabling call centres to improve their service, from cloud technology to CRM and IVR, it’s quite easy for new words or phrases to pop up and catch you by surprise.

Whether you love it or hate, buzzwords and jargon fill every office across the globe. We always need a new word to describe an innovative process, idea or technology and when a phrase works, it really takes off. A word can be coined online and soon become plastered over the internet. Before long, offices are buzzing with the new phrase and you’ll find it on emails, in meetings, and in big, bold letters on every PowerPoint presentation.

The increasing array of business-speak can be puzzling and that’s why we’ve compiled this jargon-busting glossary. Whether it’s technical language that baffles you or mysterious acronyms, NewVoiceMedia has a definition that should make everything clear.

Visit the NewVoiceMedia Blog for a full index.

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