7 Things to Know About Employing Remote Call Center Agents

It’s common for call centers to have at-home, remote agents.  Convenience and lower cost are just two of the benefits to having employees who work from home. What do call centers need to know about employing and managing their agents who aren’t in-house, though? Read on to find out.

1. Hiring remote workers can potentially cut business costs by limiting office space.

2. By allowing agents to work where they’re most comfortable, productivity can go up, according to Forbes. The key to this is hiring agents who thrive in solo, at-home positions – not everyone can handle working remotely. When you do find employees who perform well in this type of setting, you’ll find that they’re highly productive because there are so few distractions. Of course, they have to be setup in an area where distractions are limited – a cornerstone of workers who do well at home.

3. Since location isn’t a factor, you have a much larger pool of applicants to choose from. Selecting excellent, cream-of-the-crop candidates is easier when you can work with practically anyone from anywhere around the world.

4. When employees don’t have their boss right around the corner, they may slack off from time to time. To prevent this and make sure all remote employees are actually working during work hours, regularly check in with them to assess their progress and discuss areas for improvement. If you’re unable to do this in person, setup virtual meetings.

5. Ask your IT department to setup additional access codes and passwords for your remote workers. Since they’ll be working off-site, in their homes, coffee shops, hotels while traveling, etc., security must be taken into consideration. In order for data to stay secure, extra steps to accessing business information are necessary.

6. Training is touchy with remote employees.  To keep them on track, let them know that you’ll be monitoring training phone calls or that there’ll be a test at the end of each training video.

7. Operate a call center that’s open around-the-clock by putting your remote workers on varying schedules.

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