Call Center Week – Reviews and Interviews- Part IV

Businesses are seeking innovative contact center solutions that enable them to engage customers via an expanded range of functionalities. Companies want their multichannel campaigns to deliver a consistent yet individualized message across every touch point, and even have the capability to bridge the gap between digital and print media.  Organizations also wish to be able to track calls, send out SMS and voice broadcast messages and deploy predictive dialing solutions that offer easier implementation, a shorter agent learning curve and more reliable connectivity. In this fourth report on new ideas CRMXchange discovered at Call Center Week, we examine dynamic multichannel and telephony platforms from two innovative solution providers.

In what ways does your solution allow companies to both achieve greater operational efficiency and more rapid ROI?

Jamie Harris, Vice President, Diversified Services, GMC Software Technology North America   GMC Inspire provides a common single platform for delivering multichannel customer communications with a consistent message and meeting the customer where they want to meet.  It is a solution that improves the interaction between the company and the customer (such as a call center utilizing Inspire Interactive Plus for Customer Service Correspondence) as well as facilitating a robust communication channel with Inspire Dynamic Communications that provides an active communication with the customer, making real-time information and feedback possible.  These solutions, combined with our customer communications management (CCM) capabilities around print, electronic, email, etc., deliver a complete communication environment that facilitates a better customer experience while reducing problems/calls and increasing upsell opportunities.

Joe Alcaraz, Co-Founder, Dynamic Interactive   We focus on the overall user experience.  Our services have been designed to be easily implemented and utilized on a daily basis.  We understand that our clients are more successful when they can monitor results and track performance.  Our robust online tools enable them to do so in real time.

How do the capabilities of GMC Software Technology’s multi-channel management platform enable businesses to engage customers with integrated campaigns that include personalized print and digital communications?  

Jamie Harris GMC Software Technology North America  In today’s world, customers have a variety of delivery platforms (print, web, smartphone, tablet, SMS, social media, etc.) to choose from   to receive information.  However, their preferred choices may be different for different kinds of information, such as billing information versus upgrade opportunities.  A sophisticated multichannel platform, such as GMC Inspire makes it possible to deliver a unified, consistent and customer-specific/pertinent message and conversation across all of the different devices and delivery methods. Key factors to the success of this include interaction with the customer and listening to what they are saying in their responses, as well as maintaining consistency of the message by knowing what has already been communicated via the different channels.

What role does multichannel response management and surveys play in listening to the voice of the customer?

Jamie Harris  GMC Software Technology North America We firmly believe that the most important factor in improving the customer experience is to listen. That includes listening to what customers say verbally as well as what they say by their actions. For example, if a customer is responding to a communication from your company, then what does that response tell you? How do you interpret it?  Are you on target or did you miss (perhaps a ‘no-response’ is a miss)?  Did the customer “click” on a specific offer or piece of information in the last communication?  If so, what is the follow up?  Multichannel response management means listening to what is said (and sometimes what is not said) as well as what the customer does—and using that information to improve the customer experience.

How can companies gain unified customer insight and capture customer preferences from a variety of data sources?

Jamie Harris GMC Software Technology North America  Most companies now understand that there are a variety of ways to capture customer data and preferences.  The real issue in this world of almost unlimited data is how to take that data and use it to improve the overall customer experience.  Another challenge is that data coming from disparate sources is indistinguishable within the overall customer view.  A platform that works across all types of customer communications and all delivery modalities can help in both the capture and use of that disparate data.  If a person is online with a call center agent, and the agent captures data such as preferences for information, then that data can be immediately used for the follow-up communication through any channel.  Inspire Dynamic Communications  is a solution that allows the customer to actually interact with the communication itself to get the information they want.

What else would you like CRMXchange readers to know about GMC Software Technology?

Jamie Harris  GMC Software Technology has been a leader in customer communication management (CCM) for over 20 years. It was recently recognized as a top leader in this market by Forrester and Gartner.

Dynamic Interactive offers a number of functionalities including call tracking, SMS, predictive dialing and voice broadcasting.  Which ones do you see as most important in driving demand for your cloud-based contact center telephony platform?

Joe Alcaraz  Dynamic Interactive   The majority of our clients sign up for both our inbound and outbound solutions.  When these solutions work together, they help a business run more efficiently and maximize marketing ROI.  The marketing and sales team gets excited by knowing where their leads are coming from while management and business owners appreciate being able to monitor customer interactions for quality control.  So, even if they originally come to us for a particular solution like Voice Broadcasting, clients often end up seeing the benefit of using all of our services. 

What market segment is your area of focus: small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), enterprise level organizations or companies of all sizes? Which vertical markets do you serve and what is your rationale for targeting these segments?

Joe Alcaraz  Dynamic Interactive   We have designed our platform to be scalable and accommodate organizations of all sizes.  From startup companies with minimal activity to large government agencies, Dynamic Interactive solutions are structured to be the perfect fit for our clients’ current needs.  We do not lock customers into long term contracts so services can be scaled up or down on a monthly basis. 

We work with local businesses, national organizations, non-profits, political campaigns and government agencies.  We are confident that our telephony solutions can deliver direct results and value for all of our clients, regardless of their industry. Our clients receive one-on-one support, regardless of their size.

What else would you like CRMXchange readers to know about Dynamic Interactive?

Joe Alcaraz  Dynamic Interactive   We are focused on providing exceptional customer service and tailoring our solutions to meet our customers’ need.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach we work with our customers to determine how we can partner with them to make them more successful. We welcome any company that is considering using voice broadcasting, call tracking, SMS, or predictive dialing to contact us to discuss how we can help meet their specific needs.

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