3 Technologies to Improve the Call Center

Accomplishing more with less – both less time and less money – is the key to running a successful call center. Fortunately, there are many technologies that can help your call center to achieve more productivity in a reduced amount of time while costing less money overall. There are two steps to this process: utilizing your current tools smarter, and investing in technologies that will improve service.

1. Call-Back

Decreasing or even eliminating hold times is on every call center’s list of high priorities. Call-back technology replaces the caller’s hold time with a call-back so that the customer doesn’t have to hang around on the phone until an agent is free. Call centers don’t just end up providing better customer service thanks to this technology, but they also reduce cost, decrease “abandon” rates (when the caller gets tired of waiting and hangs up) and limits Average Handle Time (AHT).

 Call-back technology isn’t just for the caller who’s already on the phone. It can also be added to the business’ website and mobile app so that customers can choose a call-back option. The customer can reach an agent without even having to pick up the phone first. In the end, you’re giving customers what’s most important to them: their time.

2. Multi-Channel Interactions

Multi-channel interactions means that agents can interact with customers via their channel of choice: voice, chat, social media or mobile all from one desktop. In order to improve customer service on all channels, though, agents have to be skilled in each one. With proper tools and training, the contact center will be able to streamline workflow and work with every communication avenue a customer uses.

3. Workforce Management

Agent salaries are a large part of a call center’s operating expenses. In order to correctly forecast need and then staff accordingly, companies need a way to predict and manage work volume. Workforce management technology is the solution. This technology helps call centers figure out how many agents will be needed to handle the expected call volume and it also factors in everything from training classes to breaks and vacation time. In essence, workforce management helps the call center to plan ahead and ultimately reach peak efficiency.

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