Why So Many Businesses Fail at Customer Service

Today’s world of marketing calls for old school, traditional principles applied in new school, technological ways. That means the same attention has to be paid to customer service as it was before, but now it has to be exercised online. Learn how to keep your business afloat by finding out what far too many businesses are doing wrong.

1. The Customer Service Team is Unfit

From the start, reps should be trained well and feel empowered. Every employee needs to know the ins and outs of the business’ customer service model, which includes social media savvy. Simply knowing how to operate Facebook and Instagram isn’t enough to make a big impact online. When it comes to social media customer service, there’s very little room for error. Team members need to know how to judge situations quickly, react appropriately and always stay in-line with the brand. Additionally, strong writing skills and attention to detail are necessary – there’s nothing worse than a “professional” Tweet with a major typo!  Many organizations use hiring and screening technologies to make sure that the correct rep is on the job. 

2. Business Tools Aren’t Being Used

Quite a bit of customer service can be automated thanks to the correct contact center tools. Knowing which ones to use and how to use them, plus when to upgrade or switch the tools can be confusing.  First, figure out which tools you have that deliver the services you need. Make sure you regularly updating settings and as your needs change. Also, decide which aspects of customer service your reps handle and what can be handled through self-service. For example, serious complaints shouldn’t be dealt with by an auto responder but instead should be escalated to customer service or management.

3. Social Media is the Only Customer Service Channel

Immediately Tweeting a new customer to thank them is convenient, but not everything should be handled on social media. Some situations are best worked out via e-mail, the phone or even in person, and this doesn’t only apply to problems. This is where customer service tradition comes in, especially examining a situation and knowing what the customer is looking for. If you get the sense that things will be resolved better and more quickly with a phone call, it’s time to get off social media; if a customer never has time to return your call, a quick e-mail may do the trick.

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