5 Components that Every CRM Training Program Needs

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a system that was put in place to give companies more flexibility with the interactions that they have with customers. Simply put, it's a software platform that removes some of the more tedious interactions and streamlines the customer service experience.


Understanding CRM


CRM is flexible enough to be used by any industry and for any company. Research has shown that CRM usage has increased from 56% in 2012 to 74% in 2013 alone. It manages data like customer details and allows employees access to that data in order quickly and effectively analyze customer needs as well as trends. This information can then also be used to create new promotional strategies as well as track current sales. This is just one of the reasons why CRM has taken off, though.

On top of this, CRM gives companies a way to manage all of their customers while the business grows. The software is flexible enough to work on any level, and that means it can expand to meet the needs of the company. It's much more difficult to bring in a new platform than expand on a current one, and that's why so many stick with what they have. Any new updates in the software leads to more training and transferring information, which can be both costly and time-consuming. This may be the reason why DiscoverOrg has stated that 23.8% of companies are still not using a CRM system.


Training with CRM

No matter what approach you take, you will have to train your workforce to work with CRM. If you won't train everyone properly, you will not only risk the progress of the software, but potentially lose the customer's trust after delays. Before you start using any new software, be sure that you take the proper steps to train your teams and make them proficient with the software.

Teach Based on Tasks

While teaching everyone is important, this doesn't mean that there is a blanket-lesson that everyone can partake in. There needs to be customized learning sessions for each team based on what they need and how they can get the most out of their software. Teams that understand how the software affects them and their daily tasks will be much more receptive of the changes and will adapt to the changes faster.

 Never Stop Learning

Just like in people's daily lives, learning is something that never stops. It's important to keep learning alive in the workplace so that users are always learning and growing with the software as well as with the business. Learning ensures that the best approach is always taken and that results will be much faster the future. You can further this learning process by making sure you have a mobile option available for your users. This enables them to learn anywhere and promotes a healthier learning environment.

 Using Online Guidance Tools

With the complexity of using CRM software, a little clarity goes a long way to increase user productivity and accuracy. There has been in recent years a growth in online tools that act as job aids, aiding users in real time at the moment of need. Essentially, this means that people can "learn while doing" and not get stuck helping someone and performing a task. One of the most popular examples of this is WalkMe, which can be used with any browser for easy implementation.

Receive Feedback

CRM must be used seamlessly and effective for everyone. From the employees that work for the company to the customers that interact with the tools, everyone must be happy with what they are being offered. If you want to be successful and retain the highest number of people, you need to listen to the feedback that is being given about the platform. Fix what isn't working and take the time to make things the best it can possibly before everyone. Understand that change can be a good or bad thing, and you shouldn't expect people to just get used to something that they are not familiar with.

You can train your teams in a way to make them both effective and more customer-centric with the right CRM tools. When you can properly implement CRM with real business strategies, you'll be able to accomplish much more and keep everyone happy. Don't let your customer service experience suffer any longer, take advantage of what CRM has to offer and use the tips listed to make everyone a proficient user.



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