Less Isn’t More in the Customer Service World

Less work, more pay – or even same pay – is a seductive thought. Unfortunately, a “less is more” strategy is shaky, not solid, in the business world. Bare minimum customer service begs for a competitor to swoop in and steal patrons. The customer experience should be based on excess – more reliability, more personality, more attention. Ultimately, more service. Here are three problems that a “just get by” mentality serves up.

Not Screwing Up Isn’t Good Enough

Businesses shouldn’t relish in how much they don’t mess up. Going above and beyond is the thing that deserves true, meaningful praise. When you dreamt of being an entrepreneur, did you picture yourself settling for average? Connecting with customers on a personal, human level is what brings them back. It’s also what gets them talking to their friends, families and coworkers about their great experience with your company.

Customers Aren't Getting What They Really Want

Supplying just enough service and support isn’t delivering what customers really want, even if you’re still troubleshooting their issues. “What can I get away with not giving you,” isn’t going to win a client over. Frankly, you’re just keeping them quiet until they find a better alternative. Want to trim back in some areas so you can deliver better service in others? Excellent. Want to cut down your schedule so you can play golf while your customers are knocking at your door? You’re ruining your professional reputation.

Your Customers Will Leave You, Even If You Think They Won’t

Never moving past the satisfactory mark means you’re a great target when an excellent business is ready to reach out to your audience. Give your customers a reason to leave and you can wish them well as they make their way to the new mover and shaker in town (literally or virtually). By the way, that guy who stole your clients is offering the same thing as you are but with a 24-hour helpline and a side of charm.

The “Don’t Do More Than You Have To” philosophy isn’t the root of the problem. The real disconnect is when businesses don’t consider great customer service as something they must provide. Deleting things from your daily “To Do” list is sometimes necessary for time management and efficiency. Keeping customers happy is one of the things that businesses should make room for, not cut out.

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