Dealing with Angry Call Center Customers

Nobody in your call center likes to talk with an irate customer – whether the customer is justified or not. The constant haranguing is emotionally draining and demoralizing, and it may take a long time just to solve the problem. Below are a few tips for dealing with what may be a common occurrence at your company.

  1. Allow the customer to vent, which he may start doing even as you greet him. Do not interrupt. Remain calm by realizing that his anger isn't personal but due to a product problem or the way he was treated by someone else. Eventually, he'll run out of steam, allowing you to talk.
  2. Acknowledge the customer's problem. Then ask for permission to record everything so you can share details with the company and prevent the mistake from happening. This tells the customer that you are serious about learning the causes of the problem.
  3. Set limits if the customer abuses you with cursing and name calling. Say something like “We will be happy to solve your problem if we can speak professionally.” If necessary, transfer the call to a higher-level customer rep.
  4. Apologize if your call center made a mistake but only if you accompany it with a corrective action. If you simply apologize constantly with no result then the customer loses credibility in your ability to help him.
  5. Perform the actions you promised. If it will take time to resolve the problem, ask the customer if he would like to wait or if you can call them back. If he chooses the latter option, follow through with an actual call.

Dealing with an angry customer correctly may create a customer for life. He realizes that you have his best interests at heart and will do anything to solve his problems. He know he can get satisfaction if he contact you and by expecting this beforehand, his later calls will be calmer.

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