What CRM Can Take from Martin Luther King Jr

It is almost impossible to measure the influence and lasting historical impact of Martin Luther King Jr. He continues to inspire people all around the world and many people rely on his vision, views, and principles to shape the way they live their lives and run their businesses. With Martin Luther King Jr. day coming up on January 20th, I wanted to take a look at some of the lessons customer care professionals can take from him and apply in their overall customer relationship.

One of King’s best quotes is, “Greatness is determined by service”. Throughout history, King’s life has led us to learn about dedication, communication, conviction, and empathy in the business world.

With that said, let’s take at a look at what “King” characteristics can be used by CRM professionals.

1.     Professionalism

One thing that all leaders, managers, and employees can learn from Martin Luther King Jr. is professionalism. King always handled himself in a professional manner even when he was treated poorly and unfairly. Sure, King was certainly frustrated, but he never acted upon his frustrations.

In the business world, you will come across difficult customers that may not like your product or perhaps they had a bad experience. No matter how upset you are, one must be professional and courteous. It will go a long way.

2.     Appreciation

It is important to always show appreciation to your customers. If you don’t, they will move on and go to another company. Your customer’s loyalty will only go so far without appreciation. Don’t give your customers a reason to give money to your competition. King always showed his supporters he appreciated their support and they stayed by his side.

3.     Patience

King taught us about patience, time and time again. He demonstrates it throughout his life even during times of uncertainty. Sometimes your customer service team will be faced with situations where they must deal with boring or obvious questions. A patient employee will keep a customer calm and do all they can in order to retain them. If a customer feels like they are not getting service or the employee is not interested in what they have to say, they will take their business elsewhere. Live by rule number one “if you do not take care of the customer, the competition will”.

4.     Communication

When speaking with your customers you must speak with confidence. If not done, your pitch will be unsettling and the messaging will not be delivered. We tend to believe people who speak with confidence. Someone who speaks this way seems to know exactly what they are talking about and it builds trust with the customers. Your employees should learn how to do this. If they speak with lack of confidence or lose sight of the messaging, the customers will not buy in and go somewhere else.

Martin Luther King Jr. taught us a lot of valuable lessons and he taught us ways to communicate and also handle ourselves so that we make the most of every interaction. It is important to make sure that you are always treating your customers with respect. Applying the above we have learned from King will help you better manage your customers and will result in overall better customer satisfaction. Teach your employees how to apply these different principles and above all else, replicate the way you want your employees to act so they can see it in action. 

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