Retention and Growth Based on Omni Channel Customer Service Improvement

Organizations must stay ahead of the curve by improving upon the different layers of the customer experience. From the call center, to social media, to web sites – customers interact with a firm on several different channels. Each level must be maintained and structured in order to encourage growth and garner current customer retention. The quality of omni channel customer service is essential to ensure a firm's success.

In order to keep up with ever changing trends and technological advancements, an organization must constantly be in a state of adaptation. The use of smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices has empowered the customer and enabled the organization to build a solid and lasting relationship with the customer.

In recent years, the only option for improving the call center experience was the review and analysis of recorded conversations between staff and customers. This created a lag time between current customer interaction and improved training practices for customer service reps. As problems went on unfixed, many customers fell through the cracks causing significant losses.

Real time monitoring allows analysts to begin the research process as the customer experience occurs. This eliminates lag time allowing the training department to build specific training programs quickly, greatly reducing the percentage of customer loss due to insufficient customer rep training. The analysis of real-time data can be used to improve sales tactics and the customer complaint resolution process.   

Through use of the web, organizations have had the ability to develop a solid image around their brand. Social media and other interactions have allowed customers to interact with an organization on a more personal level. The information gathered around your company "buzz" can provide your organization with holistic business intelligence. What you learn through analyzing current sharing trends, social media interaction, and direct communication such as email and customer feedback, can help you determine your firms ability to improve the customer experience.

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