A Virtual Contact Center: Good for Business, Good for Customers and Good for Employees

What strategies does your company have to retain its customers? In most cases, your response will include a variation of employing the use of a proactive relationship management system as well as outstanding customer service. But, is your company keeping up with the expanding virtual world while constantly meeting increased customer expectations? Mobility has become a necessity for companies, employees and customers, alike, and virtual contact centers   have evolved to assist companies in addressing these customer satisfaction and mobility concerns.

Your customer’s can benefit from the extended service hours, without time zone limitations, that a cloud-based virtual contact center can provide.  Additionally, companies benefit from virtual contact centers by gaining access to a new and highly credible workforce. The new secret to financial success by Laura Vankerkam of CBS MoneyWatch, addresses the increasing trend of freelance workers who desire to build a career of their choice, but live and work where they choose:

“You could rent a huge Victorian house – a whole house – in Detroit for a few hundred dollars per month…And thanks to the miracle of high speed internet access, and an economy that is increasingly location-agnostic, you could be doing many of the same jobs that New Yorkers do.”

Companies can use virtual contact centers to tap into the skills of these remote workers increasing their qualified personnel without having geographical restrictions. Such as in physical call centers, your customer service is only as good as your staff, so having a wide range of talent to choose from is highly beneficial. Furthermore, an All Business Info.com article shows how companies utilizing virtual contact centers benefit from improved employee morale and lower employee turnover rates.

For more information on cloud contact centers, visit CRMXchange and view the DMG Benchmark Study of Cloud Contact Center Applications, Channels and Satisfaction.

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