Quality Assurance For Contact Centers Improves Customer Outcomes

Quality assurance is a significant component of every product and service to ensure continuous success of the business.  However, ensuring that customers are receiving outstanding service from contact center agents can be a cumbersome responsibility.

The first step begins at the hiring and training stage. Evaluating potential candidates for essential customer service skills can be assessed through a readiness questionnaire or workforce tools to ensure interviewees are highly motivated and experienced. Once brought onboard, an effective training program should present comprehensive information about your products and/or services as well as general corporate information. The training should also include expectations for quality service as well as an explanation as to how service will be measured. 

Call center employees should be periodically evaluated.  This is often done by monitoring calls and using a checklist to assess if the agent has handled the call according to the companies standards. The results are then provided to the agent to provide feedback of their performance. 

An overall QA score for the entire customer contact center is an important metric.  Agents with consistently low QA scores may need to receive recurring training and other tools to improve performance. If agents are not providing superior service, clients will go elsewhere, adversely affecting the business as a whole. 

Depending on the size of the call center, the appointment of a dedicated quality assurance manager can be delegated these tasks. In addition to providing call center quality metrics, they can provide information on any new trends and changes in the overall quality program. Some companies may opt to use an outside firm to do this monitoring. This avoids any possibility of bias in the evaluations. In addition, outside firms may uncover issues that internal teams have missed. 

With an effective quality assurance program in place, the customer contact center can provide outstanding customer service which is essential to the success of the enterprise.

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