Five9 Goes to Oracle OpenWorld

It was a brisk, beautiful autumn day in San Francisco and I had the chance to attend Oracle Open World. I spent most of my time in Moscone West, where Oracle “welcomed the age of the customer” with a program full of sessions focused on customer experience and CRM technology.

Today’s objective was to attend as many CX sessions as possible and absorb all the information I could about trends and technology. In particular, I wanted to better understand the latest developments in contact center and CRM. After a full day up-and-down the Moscone escalators and in-and-out of convention rooms, I picked up a few tid-bits:

  • Customer Retention – Retaining customers is reaching a tipping point; it is rapidly becoming more important than customer acquisition. In fact, it is customer retention that drives loyalty and advocacy, which helps keep costs down and revenue up.
  • Proactive Customer Engagement – It sounds like a buzzword, but it’s not. Proactive customer service is on the rise as customer expectations go up. In on instance, Oracle client KLM shared how they used social media to deliver positive, proactive customer experiences. Check out this great video. It’s the concept of proactive customer engagement taken to the next level.
  • CRM + Contact Center – The demand for tightly integrated CRM, contact center and telephony is significant. Closely linking CRM to contact center and telephony, offers the greatest potential for delivering the most personal, helpful and engaging customer service experiences.
  •  Cloud – I was expecting a full set of sessions specifically dedicated to the cloud. I asked an Oracle exec about this and he said, “the cloud is everywhere, in every session.” That turned out to be true. At Open World the lines between cloud and on premise are exceptionally blurred. Cloud was prevalent; it was part of every conversation and every presentation.

Oracle Open World is a vast event that covers more blocks of San Francisco and includes more technologies than I can count. I was fortunate; I carved out a space for myself in Moscone West and picked up a lot of great information about customer experience technologies.

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