SpeechTEK/CRM Evolution/Customer Service Experience Review- Part IV

In this final wrap-up of the New York events, we look at important product upgrades, find out how the latest co-browsing technology is impacting contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction, explore evolving customer preferences in mobile customer service and virtual assistants and delve into the latest progress in knowledge base solutions.

Infor announced its next-generation Infor Epiphany Digital Multi-channel Marketing Solutions 10.0.3.  The business application software supplier is doubling its R&D team during a period of 17 new releases. “10.03 brings it all together,” said George Wright, Senior Vice President and General Manager CRM for Infor. “As operational decisions become more dependent on data from multiple sources, such as web, social, mobile as well as traditional data centers, the software provides companies with the capability to quickly translate quantifiable, emotional and behavioral information in real-time”.

The cloud-based version of Digital Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions 10.0.3 provides users with all of the functionality as the on-premise version. Infor’s hosted cloud environment reduces the cost of maintaining the software, helping to speed the deployment process and simplify future upgrades. It offers support for big data and unstructured data via a native connection to Hadoop, When the solution is released this fall, marketers will be able to directly exploit Hadoop data during campaign qualification and predictive decisioning, resulting in more precisely targeted recommendations and ultimately smarter marketing. “Companies can build specific marketing campaigns based on customer preferences, using email and SMS as delivery vehicles,” said Wright.

One other feature that sets Digital Multi-channel Marketing Solutions 10.0.3 apart is SoHo, an intuitive user interface that automatically displays necessary information in real-time, enabling organizations to make better decisions faster. “SoHo was developed by Hook & Loop, Infor's in-house digital design agency. We are proud to be one of only three companies to have its own proprietary internal design agency”, noted Wright.

Infor Ming.le web parts provide a centralized platform for collaboration and increased productivity on internal company Facebook-like applications. Contextual web parts will include reports on the ideal, typical and lowest-value customer for each individual campaign and communication as well as the most and least influential fields for predicting likelihood to accept a campaign or communication. Ming.le allows marketers to have sophisticated analysis right at their fingertips, which directly relates to work they are doing at that moment to maximize the impact received from the application and minimize time spent digging for interesting data.

In addition Infor showcased Interaction Adviser and Infor Orbis Marketing Resource Management (MRM). Interaction Adviser is a sophisticated solution with an advanced decision engine that helps companies react quickly, intelligently, and personally to every customer interaction. Infor Orbis MRM is the result of a recent partnership with Orbis that enables organizations to plan, execute and monitor multi-channel marketing campaigns. The operations tool provides digital asset management, resource management, project management, budget and cost tracking, creative approval processing, capacity planning, and analytics.

LiveLOOK supplies innovative visual sharing technologies and live chat for customer service, including its second generation co-browsing technology. The company offers a suite of cloud-based, universally-compatible, mobile-friendly customer co-browsing collaboration tools to help their clients increase first call resolution rates, reduce call handling time and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores while simultaneously reducing costs and optimizing contact center operations.

LiveLOOK announced the availability of its new In-App Co-Browsing capability which enables agents to instantly see the screen of a mobile customer. By gaining visibility into the customer’s experience in real-time, the agent is able to help the customer find what they need, guide them through complex transactions, provide guidance in selecting a product or service, and much more. Co-browsing is known to make such interactions up to 80% quicker and increases FCR rates by ensuring that customers’ questions are understood and answered completely. “The solution creates complete synergy between agents and end users,” said Chris Czekaj, SVP Sales and Marketing for LiveLOOK. The In-App Co-Browse solution is easy for customers to use, with sessions connecting in just one click. Integration is also easy, requiring the simple addition of code to a company’s app environment. The company will introduce in-app co-browsing support for Android and Surface in 2014.


Czekaj noted that LiveLOOK’s co-browsing solutions are being used by financial service companies to assist premier customers. “In addition, TurboTax uses co-browsing in both external customer transaction and as a training tool for internal groups,” said Czekaj. The increasing complexity of healthcare interactions makes the sector an important market for co-browsing. Five state branches of a major healthcare organization are already deploying LiveLOOK technology or are in the process. LiveLOOK applications are also white labeled in solutions from Avaya, LivePerson, Moxie Software and Oracle.

The company was established in 2008. Its founder, Igor Khalatian, a technology-oriented CEO who has climbed Mount Kilamanjaro, sees customer engagement technologies like co-browsing and live chat as a way to create a differentiated customer experience.  One indication of the company’s rapid ascent is its inclusion in the recent 2013 Inc 500 | 5000 list of the 5,000 fastest- growing private companies in the US.

Moxie Software unveiled an update to its Social Knowledgebase program. The solution, introduced earlier this year, is a single application that blends the capabilities of Moxie’s knowledge management solution with its Collaboration Spaces software. It allows enterprises to authenticate, endorse and publish crowdsourced information to immediately provide its customers with the right answers. “Social Knowledgebase is the next generation of knowledge management,” said Tara Sporrer, Moxies’ VP of Marketing and Customer Operations. “Collaboration Spaces now allow users to create, edit, and submit content for certification to Knowledge Spaces, where the content can be certified and published to employees or customers.”


Upgrades also include a live edit capability enabling users to edit documents without the need to download and re-upload documents. Once edits are made, a new version is saved automatically. Agents can now also drag and drop files or folders from their computer directly into Collaboration Spaces folders. Perhaps the most noteworthy improvement is a new native app that makes it possible for iPhone users to access the comprehensive features of Collaboration Spaces on their mobile devices.

Social Knowledgebase has been available on a “freemium” basis for several months. “Users can sign up for it at no cost, test its features and see how it suits them best and then decide to move forward,” said Sporrer. “A small group within an organization builds a use case and figures out how they want to use it. These users find they have rich collaborative content. Do they want to share it with other users? Overwhelmingly, the answer is yes.”

She also noted one major client reported that moving to a collaborative platform enabled them to reduce the number of SharePoint sites they were using. Companies can also tie Social Knowledgebase with their CRM and by tapping in to collective expertise, they can leverage the authoritative knowledge they are able to publish into achieving higher call deflection rates. By bridging the gap between knowledge workers and contact centers, Social Knowledgebase enables enterprises to deliver the outstanding customer experiences expected by socially connected customers.

Nuance made public the results of a recent survey exploring consumer attitudes and preferences related to engaging with personal assistants and apps on their mobile devices. The findings revealed that an overwhelming majority of people surveyed now engage businesses via mobile apps and judged organizations by how well they were served via their apps.

Key points included:

  • 86% of consumers use a mobile app to communicate with companies and service providers
  • 90% of those surveyed say that a positive experience with a mobile app makes it more likely that they’ll continue doing business with a company.
  • 83% of consumers indicated that they prefer having the option of having two-way communications in conversational dialogues with personal assistants to guide them through transactions.
  • On the negative side, 75% of survey respondents still feel that they are compelled to adapt to technology as opposed to having technology adapt to them.

“Sales is now an extension of the service process,” said Gregory Pal, Vice President for Strategy and Business Development for Nuance. “People are telling businesses that it’s time to provide more convenient and natural conversational capabilities in their engagements with mobile apps and virtual assistants. Businesses that choose not to acknowledge these changing preferences run the risk of falling by the wayside in the competition for brand allegiance.

The Nina product suite of virtual assistants has quickly become the voice and language solution providers’ signature product. Nina has recently been adapted by USAA, enabling clients to see recent transactions in less than a minute and select them by category, such as withdrawals under $100. Insurance giant Geico recently came on board with its interactive voice assistant Lily which  works within the Geico phone app and can help customers in making a payment or enable them to view their insurance coverage and claim information. To assist Web customers, there’s Nina Web, which delivers personalized web customer service via a human-like conversational interface to quickly address customer needs. Nina Web is the result of Nuance’s acquisition of online virtual sales and support assistant developer VirtuOz earlier this year.

Pal also disclosed some eye-opening stats on acceptance of virtual agent technology. Of the 98% of customers who’ve engaged with virtual assistants on a regular basis—daily, weekly, or monthly, 99.8% of them consider it a positive experience.

Transversal believes that the contact center has long been the organization’s hub for customer service. Customers communicate with companies through multiple channels and they are demanding that agents have corect information at their fingertips. In most cases, this knowledge is scattered across individual businesses organizations – and very often involve subject experts that provide the answers to frontline staff. Transversal delivers technology that helps companies discover what people need to make decisions and solve problems by storing and distributing information.

Transversal provides an online self-service program that answers customer queries with the right information every time from a single central knowledgebase, usually without contacting an agent. But when questions are more complex, inquiries can be escalated. The solution enables agents to manage and answer inquiries from multiple entry points. The focus is on minimizing customer effort and guiding agents to help make them more effective and increase their productivity, giving them more time for activities that can turn contact centers into profit centers.

Transversal Founder and CEO Dr. Davin Yap, who delivered a keynote address during a sponsored lunch at Customer Service Experience/CRM Evolution, notes that the company grew revenue at a rate of 40% and added 20 employees this year. “We now have 80 blue-chip clients, and 130 implementations mainly in financial services, insurance and retail.” said Yap. While, up until now, most growth has been in the UK, Transversal is currently active in Australia and New Zealand and is setting its sights on improving its position in the US market.

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