SpeechTEK/CRMEvolution/Customer Service Experience Review – Part II

While some companies made major product announcements during the event, some made announcements prior to the conference, while others are waiting until Fall before rolling out new platforms, fine-tuning their brands and making internal changes.

Several conference sponsors discussed their plans and reported on their progress:

Five9 is coming off a record second quarter in 2013, having raised $34.5 in private funding and increasing revenue to new levels. The high-profile cloud contact center software provider attributes part of its growth to larger enterprise accounts migrating to the cloud. “Our interest is in helping contact centers of every size transition from premise-based solutions to the cloud,” said Liz Osborn, Vice President of Product and Solution Marketing for Five9. She noted that approximately 55% of the company’s business comes from enterprise contact centers of 50 seats and more, with the remaining 45% from SMB organizations with inbound and outbound operations. These percentages can fluctuate since SMBs often grow and scale up their centers to enterprise levels. Five9’s enterprise sales force has notably increased over the past three years. The company also recently announced the appointment of Moni Manor, formerly of AVAYA, as Executive Vice President of Products. A roadmap update is underway at Five9.

The company also introduced the latest release of its cloud contact center software earlier in the quarter. The updated solution includes a new mobile app for contact center supervisors and enhanced multichannel capabilities. The mobile supervisor app for the iPad allows managers to monitor and manage staff from any location, whether they are walking throughout a contact center, in an airport, or at a conference. With the new app, supervisors can text chat with agents anywhere, and can also monitor queues, stats and agents as well as listen to calls, whisper or barge-in. New multi-channel capabilities feature integration with LiveHelpNow which enables interactions with customers via email and chat.

Another measure of progress for Five9 is the growing number of integrations with widely used CRM solutions such as Salesforce and Oracle RightNow. Over 150 organizations including Abundant Energy, American Support, Citrix, and Expert Planet have deployed Five9 in conjunction with the Salesforce platform to create an integrated cloud CRM and contact center environment.

Nexidia Seven proved to be a lucky number for this provider of customer interaction analytics for business transformation. For the seventh consecutive year, Nexidia was named Market Winner in Speech Analytics by Speech Technology magazine solutions, receiving the award during the event.

How does Nexidia keep extending this remarkable streak of industry recognition? Much of the company’s success can be attributed to their continued focus on core technology and providing key differentiators to give their customers an edge. Their dictionary-independent approach delivers a highly scalable, accurate solution that goes beyond contextual, narrative-driven results. This gives their clients a way to use the information contained in their customer interactions to generate empirical, statistically driven data to power transformational business decisions.

Nexidia customers have seen improvements both inside and outside the contact center. Enterprise clients such as Time Warner Cable, Comcast, multiple BlueCross BlueShield plans, and TalkTalk have used the information gained from their customer interactions to positively influence their marketing, sales, and customer care departments.  An example of how this cross-departmental process might work:  alerts on which customers are likely to churn can now be put on agent desktops, enabling departments to collaborate in proactively making attractive offers to keep potential defectors on board.

 “We want to be the people you come to for information on speech analytics and predictive analytics,” said Laura Solari, Director of Marketing for Nexidia. “We’re concentrating on developing new content and providing thought leadership.”

Solari sees customers moving toward predictive analytics. Nexidia’s partnership with data warehousing/big data analytics experts Teradata enables predictive modeling for client companies. “There’s a 30% increase in what you can learn by using a combination of audio and metadata,” she said. “Organizations can more accurately determine who is succeeding in upsells in the contact center, identify the top and bottom 5% of performers, and determine root causes.”

OneSource  There are a lot of things new at OneSource. The business information solution provider has a new website, a new brand treatment, and a new executive team, headed by CEO Jonathan Flatow, who took the reins when their previous leader, Joe Ripp, left to become CEO of Time, Inc. The company’s signature product, iSell, is a personalized prospecting engine targeted to sales and marketing organizations. iSell delivers the ‘hottest’ prospects with direct dial numbers and email, in-depth company information and social selling opportunities. The sales solution offers unique sales trigger capabilities. According to CMO James Rogers, it provides more than 20 types of triggers, including executive changes, funding announcements, mergers and acquisitions, product launches and even staff layoffs. iSell also issues alerts by company and by industry, which are invaluable for helping sales teams identify and prioritize new prospecting opportunities as well as stay on top of target accounts. It offers multi-platform delivery on smartphones and tablets as well as integration with CRM and marketing automation programs. OneSource has a professional services Data Solutions team to facilitate the integration process. Rogers noted that OneSource is planning a major new release for 2014 that will correlate unstructured information for companies to deliver even more relevant and timelier prospect data to sales and marketing.

VoltDelta  rolled out its updated Delta On-Call version 10.3., which provides added capabilities for distributed contact centers and home agents via a cloud-based multi-channel solution. Its new features include reporting enhancements that enable users to use drag & drop report customization and allow them to schedule report delivery.  In addition, with Oracle/RightNow’s Integrated reporting, agents and supervisors can consolidate Delta On-Call's multi-channel statistics within their CRM reporting. New enhancements make it easier to implement post-call surveys and deliver estimated wait time in queue.

The global cloud-based contact center provider also plans a major fall release of its ACD platform as part of a brand overhaul. Steve Chirokas, VoltDelta’s VP of Marketing, notes that after discussing many new product names, they went back to the basics and decided to call it “Delta ACD.” He sees VoltDelta’s points of differentiation as scalability and reliability. “Some systems have a tendency to drop calls, particularly when call volume spikes,” said Chirokas. “We handle over two billion calls a year.”  He also cited the exceptional customer support provided by VoltDelta as a business driver. Their comprehensive customer support team, VoltDelta Entourage, assigns a dedicated account manager to each contact center they serve.

Delta-On Call’s true agent and automation Integration helps provide complete customer journey reporting, bringing together voice recognition applications with agent services. Customer service calls can be transferred to the right agent along with a screen pop and a call recording of the voice recognition sequence. Agents can listen to all or a portion of an interaction before picking up the live call. Benefits include eliminating the need to ask a caller to repeat themselves, and faster call resolution. Post call research is easily gathered via a transfer from agents to an automated voice recognition based survey which facilitates Voice of the Customer feedback.

VoltDelta’s strengths are pre-paid credit cards and health care markets. The latter sector is experiencing a major surge driven by questions about the Affordable Care Act. VoltDelta has also implemented successful 511 traffic/road condition systems for the states of New Jersey and Nevada with others still in progress.

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