How Cloud Technology Facilitates Communication During a Disaster


August 13, 2013

Disasters can arise anywhere, at any time. And now, we are now in the middle of hurricane season—with an estimated 20 storms predicted to pummel the Atlantic states throughout the summer and fall.

Most executives shudder at the thought of what would happen in the event that a data center shuts down for even a few seconds because of a natural disaster; that’s because during these critical times your customers often depend on you the most to be available whenever and wherever they need you.

IT Executives Claim Disaster Recovery a Major Reason For Investing in Cloud Computing

Which is why 34 percent of IT executives claimed in a 2012 Symantec survey that disaster recovery was a major reason for investing in cloud computing technologies. Moreover, 71 percent of companies that switched to cloud computing indicated that they now believe that they are better prepared to recover from a disaster than before they made the transfer.

Cloud technology is the solution that can mitigate the risk of a company losing the crucial data that is required to keep a business—from its call center to its finance department—up and running. This is done through the geographic dispersal of data over a variety of servers. Just like an emergency power supply is automatically turned on when the main power is lost, in the event of a disruption, an alternate network can pick up the load to ensure customer availability and up time are not affected.

Select a Fully Redundant Cloud-based Contact Center

When you select a fully redundant cloud-based contact center, it means gaining access to a secure, remote network of redundant data centers that never shut off. Redundant data centers can be equipped with fire suppression and cooling capabilities as well as diesel generators to provide backup power. Moreover, they can provide the PBX, SIP and soft switches necessary to provide a complete call center solution as well as full network capacity and awareness. The cloud-based contact center is the perfect solution to  ensure that your team members—especially your customer service agents—stay in touch with customers over a variety of channels, during even the most difficult and challenging times.

So, how would your cloud-based contact center fare in the event of a major disaster? For more information on how you can always be prepared for an emergency, please click here.

Questions or comments or would you like more information on this topic? Please click here.

Rod McLane

Director, Solutions Marketing

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