Six Steps to Speech Analytics Success

As organizations with contact centers face increasing competition and impacts of market forces, they need to find new and better ways to improve their customers’ experience and satisfaction that strengthens loyalty and promotes their continued success in the marketplace.

Applying speech analytics increases multifold the ability to quickly uncover customer insights and identify at-risk customer issues and complaints, prevent costly high-impact incidents, such as defective or infectious product recalls, and address more effective and efficient handling of customer interactions. To realize the full benefits of implementing a speech analytics practice in your organization, you need to prepare for this innovation with care. This whitepaper outlines six key considerations that organizations can benefit from taking into account when planning their speech analytics roll-out:

1 Form Your Analytics Team
2 Define Information Needs
3 Select the Analytics Tool that’s Right for YouCallCopy
4 Create Search Sets
5 Determine Success Criteria
6 Define Desired Outcomes

In a new white paper, CallCopy discusses in depth, the Six Steps to Speech Analytics Success

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