What Happens When the Vendor Is Gone?

Is your vendor capable of delivering uptime and support after the high intensity deployment and then over the long haul? That’s a big question for those responsible for selecting a vendor for a hosted contact center or IVR solution. You’ve read the vendor’s literature, evaluated several solutions, met with the various sales and technical teams from each vendor and made your selection. Everything seems to be in place. Even the deployment went smoothly!

But, what happens after the initial deployment of a cloud-based contact center? Will your vendor be capable of delivering uptime and support as time goes on? Or………will a vendor’s limited resources force them to shift focus to the next new customer, leaving you in the lurch right at the moment when you really need them?

A new VoltDelta white paper examines the important characteristics of a cloud-based contact center and IVR vendor’s support organization. The goal will be to identify “markers” that should cause you to probe a little more before selecting a vendor for hosted contact center and IVR solutions.

One of the key value propositions of a hosted contact center solution is that the telephony and networking infrastructure is reliable and scalable, and that the vendor’s support organization is not only available, but also exceptionally competent. Savings derived from redeploying a support team dedicated to a premise-based system to higher value tasks is frequently a key contributor within a favorable ROI.

What happens when they are gone?  Read this white paper to find out what to look for.


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