Black Hat 2013 Security Conference Report


Well, it’s official. Black Hat 2013 is in full swing. As they like to say ‘the brightest and best minds' in the security field assembled into one place…or something like that. As laser-focused on security as we are at Echopass, there is no good reason to miss this conference. From the demonstration of tools within the ‘Arsenal’ to the training sessions by the world’s leading researchers, this conference is the place to be if you care about security.

There are some really fundamental components of security that apply almost universally. Whether you are using a cloud-based infrastructure or you choose to keep all of your data at home, no matter how mature your security infrastructure, you can’t forget about the basics. This applies even right down to the single workstation or mobile device. 

The importance of granular security was really brought home for me during several conversations with some very smart (kind of ‘scary smart’) people who would prefer to remain anonymous. During these conversations, we discussed the digital landscape at Black Hat as a ‘hostile environment’- turn off your phone, don’t connect to networks if you can avoid it, wipe your hard drive when you get home, etc. During these conversations, I realized that organizations really need to act like Black Hat attendees. By that, I mean that there are so many aspects to good ‘personal security’ that apply to organizations. I’ll talk more about this concept in upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Questions or comments or would you like more information on this topic? Please click here.

Erich Diener

Security Architect

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