Steps to Reduce Support Costs and Increase Efficiency

 Friendly, helpful, and patient by nature, customer support agents spend more time talking to your customers than anyone else in your company. They truly understand the pain points of your business, and they’re the ones putting in long hours to resolve them for your customers. It’s important, then, to ensure they have the tools and resources necessary to be truly effective.

This isn’t just a good idea from a warm and fuzzy perspective. Agent salaries are the most expensive part of a support center. By ensuring that they’re using their time efficiently—helping people solve complex, technical or individual problems, not responding to the same basic questions over and over again—you can do a lot to maximize the value of your support agents, the satisfaction of your customers, and minimize stress and pain points for both.

A new Get Satisfaction ebook, Steps to Reduce Support Costs and Increase Efficiency,  is the second in a series of three explaining how customer communities can help companies realize significant savings and revenue sources, along with the metrics and calculations to measure the results.  This book focuses on the way companies can leverage community to improve agent efficiency.

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