Outbound Contact Strategies for Today’s Companies

by Michael Kropidlowski, Aspect.    

Why wait for your customers to reach out to you?

It is, after all, just the beginning of the relationship revolution and that word “relationship” implies a back-and-forth exchange between your company and your customers. With high-touch, proactive, personalized outbound campaigns, your company can initiate conversations that benefit your customers by anticipating their needs and providing them with information before they know they need it.

An effective outbound campaign can also:

  • Differentiate your company’s customer service offerings
  • Reduce costs by preempting predictable or repeatable interactions
  • Handle more interactions with the same or even reduced resources
  • Preserve live agents where their skills and expertise are required
  • Help your company achieve optimum levels of productivity

Companies that invest in outbound contact solutions can see big results in the bottom line, as well as employee and customer satisfaction.

In order to see these results, however, companies must implement systems that take into account the government rules and regulations that govern outbound contact. Compliance in the current regulatory environment means creating processes that help you comply with current regulations and stay aware of any new changes.

Start that process of continuous learning by attending our two upcoming webinars on optimizing your outbound contact solutions.

Discover best practices in today’s compliance environment on Wednesday July 17th with Aspect experts Serge Hyppolite, VP Sales Development, and Don Hudecek, Senior Product Manager. On Wednesday July 31st, learn how your company can develop timely, relevant, high-yield outbound IVR campaigns in the panel discussion “Outbound IVR.”

If you’re ready to create proactive contact across multiple channels, including voice, short message service (SMS) and email channels to reach out to your customers, register for either or both of these webinars today! 


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