Big Data Analytics in the Contact Center.

In today’s highly competitive consumer marketplaces, effective customer engagement becomes the key differentiator that can separate an organization from the pack and enable it to quickly win market share over domestic and international competitors. Having the capability to quickly respond to marketplace forces and impactful events to deliver performance improvement is critical to immediate and long-term success.

As companies face commoditization of their product and service offerings, they need to find cost-efficient ways to distinguish themselves. The quality of customer/agent interactions in these organizations’ customer contact centers defines to a great extenthow these customer-focused organizations are perceived. Customer feedback, both positive and negative, has significant impact on organizational performance and standing among their peers, who are vying for top brand recognition and market share. Customer satisfaction ratings and consumer loyalty can make or break these companies.

Progressive enterprises are turning to new analytics solutions that can give them strategic advantages. By tying information and insights derived from the analysis of interactions between customers and contact center agents to performance metrics of all staff in the enterprise, companies can respond quicker and more effectively to marketplace issues and trends. A CallCopy white paper Drive Performance with Big Data Analytics, discusses how analytics enable enterprises to drive performance for greater success.

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