Using Customer Communities to Gain Deeper Customer Insights

If you count all customer touch points – from support interactions and in-person conversations to advertisements – the average company has millions, if not billions, of customer interactions a year across paid, earned, and owned channels. For your business, each channel touch point represents an opportunity for greater insight. A branded customer community connects your customers to each other – and your employees – as they talk about your products and services. The insight you can gain from analyzing the conversations happening in your community are incredibly valuable, as they help you understand your customers more deeply – for instance, what motivates them to buy more or choose to become brand advocates.

Analytics for social media have evolved rapidly. In the first generation, brands responded individually to tweets or comments on Facebook pages, and a cottage industry of social analytics vendors emerged to help companies make sense of the mentions. But the insights gained are often minimal, in part because mentions are examined out of context and rarely contain much information about the person making comments. For example, it is often hard to tell if a person is even a real customer. Moreover, social media content resides on another company’s server (for instance, Twitter or Facebook), so data access is limited.

In contrast, with a customer community, you own the data and can analyze it as you see fit. Using analytical tools, you can generate unique insights that drive value at every phase of the customer lifecycle. You can also incorporate known insight from CRM and other systems for even richer customer insight. Analyzing community data allows you to see in aggregate which issues drive or depress customer satisfaction, and thus immediately address issues through business processes. Additionally, you can identify which products each prospect is interested in and convert this insight into leads that your sales team can follow up.

An ebook from Get Satisfaction,Using Customer Communities to Gain Deeper Customer Insights, shows how these insights enable your company to reduce service costs, proactively improve customer experiences, and accelerate customer acquisition.

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