Customer Experience Challenges, Innovations & the ROI from Behavioral Analytics

In a six month study, Mattersight Corporation commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment  enterprises may realize by deploying its Behavioral Analytics platform.

The Behavioral Analytics platform captures customer and employee interactions, and then automatically analyzes those interactions using proprietary algorithms and unique behavioral models. The output of this analysis is new data attributes on every interaction measuring customer expectations and behaviors, as well as employee performance. This data is then leveraged by three primary products which comprise Mattersight’s Behavioral Analytics platform to drive significant business value — Predictive Behavioral Routing, Predictive Customer Analytics and Employee Performance Management.

Predictive Behavioral Routing automatically identifies the optimal customer/employee pairing for each individual caller based upon communication styles, personality mapping, and behavioral characteristics. This information is utilized by the existing routing architecture to match customers with the best available employee, thus increasing the likelihood of a better interaction. As a result, companies are capable of driving immediate improvements leveraging existing employees and process.

Predictive Customer Analytics automatically predicts customer satisfaction scores and Net Promoter Scores®1 for each customer without surveys, and also predicts purchase and attrition likelihood after every captured interaction. The resulting data is used to improve operational performance and for proactive customer communications.

Employee Performance Management automatically identifies the largest improvement opportunity for each employee down to the specific performance attribute. The best interaction examples demonstrating this performance are delivered to employees with targeted feedback. All coaching activity and comments are also tracked and analyzed to improve supervisor and manager effectiveness. This closed loop process drives a reduction in employee performance variability and a significant improvement in overall business results.

The three products can be deployed independently or as a unified solution. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Behavioral Analytics on their organizations.

The financial model in this study is based on the consolidated experiences of four of Mattersight’s customers.

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