Transforming Data into Actionable Customer Insights

Today’s customer support operations are overwhelmed by data—more often than not, leading to inaction. Customer support leaders, however, find themselves at an inflection point—they will either harness the tremendous wealth of data at their disposal to deliver transformational service and emerge as new leaders, or ignore the opportunity and engage in the status quo. The deluge of social media content, survey data, rising interaction volumes, KBs, recordings, chats, and more flowing through customer support operations may seem like information overload without a strategy in place.

Movement of systems to the cloud increases the fragmentation. The new paradigm for support leaders is to embrace the diversity and variety of content—to tap into what’s relevant—to offer faster, more contextually relevant service to customers, and then do more: share trends in the organization, predict service needs, etc.

Advanced search, supported by cutting edge indexing and insight technologies, enables this new paradigm and redefines how employees—from customer support agents to sales reps and product engineers—access and share fragmented knowledge across the increasingly social enterprise. With these technologies, customer support gains unified views of the customer and customer base correlated with product and sales information and associated with customer support performance metrics. Support gains the ability to search and navigate across this consolidated and correlated data from multiple sources in real time, enabling every customer interaction, across every channel (from a call with the CSR to a self-service experience), to be relevant and valuable.

The TSIA and Coveo report, Transforming Data into Actionable Customer Insights , discusses how advanced indexing and insight technologies benefit support organizations, particularly in the areas of operational impact, knowledge management, multichannel management, and voice of the customer.

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