Secrets to Art and Science of Customer Experience

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is both an art & science. The “art” of an experience is based on the premise that every customer is a unique individual. Therefore, a contact center must tailor their interactions “creatively” instead of engaging all customers in a uniform way. The “moment of truth” strikes when the right information is delivered at the right time in the right way with the goal of ultimately making it easier for customers to accomplish their task. These experiences leave a positive imprint ton your brand just as an impressionist artist paints many small brush strokes that together provide a pleasing image with unique dimension and depth.

The “science” of the customer experience is the technology platform that provides the foundation to engage customers and treat them special. Although the technology platform is invisible to customers, the art of engaging customers on a personal level is not possible without the right technology in place.

Organizations that embrace this concept in their contact centers will be more successful at satisfying and retaining customers. Forrester research reports that there is a strong correlation between customer experience, loyalty and revenue in a study that includes 11 industries. Satisfied customers are more willing to consider the company for another purchase.  This can have an effect on revenue from $15 million for retailers to as much as $900 million for wireless service providers per year. New sales from a positive word of mouth from customers range from $3 million for retailers to as much as $12 million per year for wireless service providers.1

Famous painters, writers, orators and scientist offer compelling insights from their own discoveries and experiences. The insights provided by these extraordinary people can be applied to the contact center. In a new VoltDelta white paper, The Art and Science Of Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience, identifies 5 essential principles derived from the arts & sciences fields that can be applied to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

1 The Business Impact Of Customer Experience, 2011, Forrester, December 14, 2011

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