Turnover a New Leaf-Reduce Attrition & Improve Agent Engagement,

The call center agent’s job isn’t easy. Most of the day is spent interacting with customers and keeping them satisfied. When time permits agents may be asked to complete training and coaching activities that enable them to do their job well.

Finding the time to train, coach and even communicate with agents remains a challenge for many centers.  As transaction types become more complex, the agent learning curve has become even steeper. Many agents become frustrated with the endless grind, lack of variety and end up walking out the door not long after they get their first few paychecks. Every time an agent leaves, it is expensive for your company.

Industry-wide, agent attrition is hovering around 30%. Not only is this expensive in terms of hard costs like recruiting, hiring, new hire training and productivity losses, there are even more critical hidden opportunity costs such as customer churn that many organizations don’t track because they are harder to quantify. The truth is that when agents don’t have the training and coaching they need, their performance suffers. And poor performing agents are less satisfied with their jobs and ultimately more likely to leave your company.
Similarly, when customers have a poor call center experience, they are also more likely to leave your company. When poor performing agents leave, they are replaced by new agents who are unprepared. This leads to more poor performance, thus repeating the cycle and increasing the risk to customer loyalty.

In a new Knowlagent white paper, Turnover a New Leaf-Reduce Attrition & Improve Agent Engagement, discusses how you can  reduce attrition in your call center.


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