The Path to Purchase – Voice of the Customer

The digital age has effectively transformed the modern “path to purchase” into a dynamic place with multiple, consumer touch points. While brand influence still remains central to the path to purchase, the customer’s voice is gaining more control at the expense of the enterprise.

The idea behind a VoC program is to ensure that the customer voice is heard and considered by a company. The customer voice is typically shared with the company through qualitative and quantitative methodologies, with the goal of producing a detailed set of customer wants and needs that a company will learn and act upon. This “data hub” aggregates all the information that companies have from customers into one single view to help a company understand their customer. This includes all transactional data from IT systems plus the ‘soft’ or ‘voice’ data. ‘Voice’ meaning feedback from online channels, social media channels and real audio data from call centers. All this funnels into the “VoC Hub” to give a 360-degree view of the customer.

A new QuestBack white paper, The Path to Purchase, explores the complexities of the path to purchase today, the increasing importance of understanding the voice of the customer and the role of customer experience management platforms in engagement and loyalty programs.

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